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HRZoo Benefits

Interactive Courses

Our courses allow your employees to review material, take quizzes, assessments and learn at their own pace. Each individual’s progress is recorded and bookmarked allowing employees to continue their course where they left off.

Available 24/7

Our courses offer flexibility, allowing your staff to take the course as time permits during their ever demanding work day. Whether your employees work on or off-site, telecommute, or work different shifts, our online courses allow unlimited access from anywhere or time of day.

Admin Features for HR

Our course management features allow you to sit in the driver’s seat. You can assign employees to or remove them from a course, monitor employee progress, print reports, send email reminders and view grades.

What We Do

Our approach is simple.  We provide you with e-Learning courses designed to educate your HR staff, managers and supervisors on topics related to sexual harassment training, federal contractor Executive Order 11246 affirmative action plans, affirmative action responsibilities for managers, bullying, and recruitment and selection practices.

Our courses have been presented to 1,000’s of individuals.  Each course has been designed by industry experts and practitioners.  Industries training experts and employment law experts have developed our sexual harassment prevention training courses, ensuring that our courses meet regulatory state standards.

We provide ongoing support for our courses, with a real-time user interface, and customer support.

Our Happy Clients

After spending over four months evaluating 10 different Online Sexual Harassment Training Courses, I can unequivocally state that Career Resources program is the best and most reasonably priced. Our team found the system easy to use and the CRI team very responsive.

I always knew that there was an affordable online solution to meet our companies needs. The CRI Online Sexual Harassment Training programs are easy to use and very affordable. Our managers have a very busy schedule, so being able to take the course at their leisure was a top priority.